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Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.

Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National Park: In addition to primate trekking, Nyungwe Forest National Park also provides visitors with a thrilling canopy walking experience. The 1020 km2 Nyungwe forest in Southwestern Rwanda is where the activity is enjoyed. In order to increase both domestic and international visitation to Rwanda, the walk was founded in 2010. In fact, it performed as predicted.  Visit Nyungwe for the rare opportunity to experience a canopy walk; be one of the fortunate few to do so.

Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.
Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.

The distance of the walk away, which is separated into three parts, is divided into a length of 100 meters and about 60 meters on the trees. The top three are 95, 45, and 25, and they are located in the middle. Your daring will be tested because you will not be able to see the ground anymore, making it much more interesting and worthwhile.

Views of the vast East African continent, several areas of the Nyungwe Forest National Park, Lake Kivu, various types of birds, reptiles, insects, and more are included in this encounter. You would not want to pass up this opportunity for sure.

Canopy walk Schedules.

Four 2-hour sessions make up the Nyungwe canopy hikes. The first one begins at 8:00 am, the others at 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 3:00 pm. The walk starts with a briefing in Uwinka, registration, and a start into the forest to join one of the park’s top paths, the Igi Shigi Shigi route. Views of Ijwi Island, the largest island in Lake Kivu, are available from the starting point. Adventure, engagement parties, and honeymooners all love canopy walks.

Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.

Restrictions on Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.

Children under the age of six are not permitted on the canopy walkaway, and no more than eight people are permitted every round. Those who are allowed should accompany their parents or other legal guardians.

The coast of Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.

Anyone can partake in this activity and have fun depending on the prices. For foreigners who are not residents, foreigners who are residents, and Rwandans, the prices are 60 USD, 50 USD, and 5000 Rwf, respectively. Residents of the EAC pay $10, tourists to the EAC pay $50, and EAC students pay $5. The entrance fees to the park are $100, $60, and $10 accordingly for foreign visitors, foreign EAC Rwandans, and EAC nationals.

How safe is the canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park 

You may rest assured that your safety is our top priority while we engage in this thrilling sport. Whoever might desire to participate in this activity can do so with no risk. The operators will make sure that safety precautions are taken, and the walk away is firm. It is crucial that you excuse yourself and take advantage of the various things the park has to offer if you have any illnesses that might get worse if you walk away from the activity.

Canopy Walk

What to carry during a walk in Nyungwe Forest National park.

Before beginning a canopy walk, make sure to grab your trekking poles, rain jacket, and hiking boots. These will shield you from the rain and unexpected falls in the case that it rains and gets slick. You can also rent them at the park’s front desk if you do not have them. Also suggested are a camera, water, and snacks.

You can work out a deal with your trustworthy tour operator to have everything organized, including lodging and transportation for permits for canopy walk safaris in Nyungwe, Rwanda. You should get your visitor’s licenses in advance and present them when you get there.

How difficult is the canopy walk in Canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park?

The trail is rated as easy. There are some challenging ascents and descents along the route because of the mountainous terrain, but they are manageable. You do not need to be extremely fit. Nevertheless, because it is suspended about 50 meters above the ground, the canopy walkway will be difficult for anybody with a fear of heights.

How safe is the canopy walk in Nyungwe Forest National park

How to access  Nyungwe Forest National park.

From Kigali, the capital of Rwanda, Nyungwe Forest National Park may be reached after a five-hour journey on the road. A reliable tour operator can arrange for this trip to be as comfortable as possible.

In conclusion, you can engage in other activities besides canopy walks, such as chimpanzee and colobus monkey trekking, bird watching, and nature hikes, among others. You may enjoy all of these in the park.

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