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Best time to visit Nyungwe Forest National park.

Best time to visit Nyungwe Forest National Park: The Nyungwe Forest National Park is open to visitors all year long. Since Rwanda only has two dry seasons and two wet seasons per year, the country’s climate patterns are consistent throughout the entire country. As a result, the entire nation has pleasant, warm weather. Temperatures during the daytime often go up to 27C, while at night, when it is cooler, they fall to a minimum of 12C. The weather at Nyungwe National Park is similar to that of the rest of the nation, therefore visitors typically find the park’s chilly climate to be enjoyable for their trip.

Best time to visit Nyungwe Forest National park.

The best times to visit Nyungwe Forest National Park are from June – September and December – February. This is owing to the fact that there is little rain in the parks during this month, which makes all the safari activities easy because the roads are passable.

Even though the park is accessible throughout the year, bear in mind that rains can pour anytime as it is tropical rain forest. However, do not be scared as they will not last for so long in the dry season to give you great adventure.

Best time to visit Nyungwe Forest National park.

You can also go to the park in the rainy seasons of March through May and October through November. Although the roads may be muddy and hazardous, this rainy season is the finest for birdwatching and photography.

As a traveler visiting Nyungwe forest national park, you must bear in mind that the forest is tropical. Hence it can experience rainfall at any time of the year even in the dry season. This is therefore a reminder that a traveler should be readily prepared with the right requirements besides other most important items. Among them include study hiking boots, a warm poncho, waterproof rain jacket, light weight pants, waterproof backpack among others.

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